What to know about the company and the position on a jobinterview?

The first impression is not only about a friendly smile and proper clothes. If you want to score during a job interview, you shouldn´t forget to prepare yourself correspondingly. This includes studying basic information about the company you are applying for a job at and considering one´s motivation or expectations. We have asked our recruiters at Balanced HR what specifically one should know in order to avoid unpleasant surprise. They have told us how to improve one´s chances to get a dream job.

Company details

Let´s imagine you have already completed the first job interview round. The second one is ahead of you. It´s clear to you what kind of client the job offer is related to and you know at least the name of the company. The best way how to find important information is the company website. The name, registered office or market where your potential employer is active on count to “must-know details” and so do the types of products or services they have in their portfolio. It would not go amiss if you had a look at the company Facebook profile and search for something more. Focus on the latest news in social media and the communication of the company with its customers. It might be helpful to google some recent information as well. If there are some articles in the media, read them. Do they have any innovations? If so, find out which was their latest one. Do they research new technologies? You should definitely know which ones. Only then you can make a good impression.

On the other hand, asking the right questions is important as well. If you don´t know anything about the company you are applying for a job at, you can expose yourself by asking wrong questions or none at all. When not prepared properly, you are depriving yourself of information you could get. “Our clients often tell us they look for zealous applicants who want to know more about the way their company works,” adds Beáta, our recruitment assistant.

Job details

It is also crucial to know what the job advertisement you have responded to contained. What is the job content, what will the company expect from you, what will be your responsibilities? This does not mean, of course, that you cannot be interested in what a typical working day in your job would look like. It is also expected you have a clear idea about your future work. “Applicants shouldn´t just be trying and think like let´s see what they can offer me. They should pursue their own goals,” says Ivan, our Account Manager. Rastislav, a Branch Manager from Trenčín agrees as well and adds that applicants score higher at interviews with him if he can see they are well prepared because this shows their motivation. “However, the preparation for a job interview should depend on the job itself. If it is related to retail, it would be good to know the customers of the company, the business model or portfolio. If the job is connected with production, the applicants should know the technology and processes so that they can talk about them at the interview. I am not saying this guarantees success but it will at least manifest the interest of the applicant who will stand out in this way,” adds Rastislav.


We hope this first hand recruiting advice will help you prepare yourself for your job interview as good as possible. Because detailed preparation is the first step to a new job or even a dream one! Well then, are you ready? J



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