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Increase in subsistence minimum allowance

Act/amendment no. 196/2018. Effective from 1/7/2018.

As of July, the subsistence minimum allowance is increased as follows:

  • EUR 205.07 per month and one adult natural person;
  • EUR 143.06 per month and another jointly assessed adult natural person;
  • EUR 93.61 per month and one underage child or independent child.

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No more public register documents

Effective from 1/7/2018

A new act revokes the obligation to present copies of land certificates, commercial register entries, trade register entries and criminal records to public authorities. It the state has data of natural persons or legal entities at disposal, it shall not require it but will check it via the available information system. This change is meant to reduce the bureaucratic burden and make legal processes more effective.

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Better conditions of the dual education system

Act/amendment no. 61/2015 on Vocational Education and Training. Effective from 1/9/2018

The amendment act simplifies the conditions of the dual education system (cooperation of schools and employers in the process of preparing students for their careers). Employers shall participate in the dual education system based on a dual education agreement and a study agreement (with schools and students).

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Increased commuting subsidies

Effective from 1/6/2018, act/amendment number 5/2004

Subsidies for employees who commute to work depending on their permanent or temporary residence will be higher from 1st June.

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Amended insurance premiums

Effective from 1/6/2018

A new edict specifies insurance premiums and their payment, calculating of the annual insurance settlement, the annual insurance settlement sample form, payment details for insurance premiums, overpayments and underpayments, the annual insurance settlement and related duties.

It is based mainly on amended act no. 580/2004 Coll., which cancelled the maximum assessment base for most incomes and created a new income kind which won´t be affected by the assessment base (the so called 13th and 14th salaries).

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Act on Employment Services – employing highly qualified employees from abroad will be easier

Effective from 1/5/2018, act/amendment number 5/2004

On 1/5, an amendment of the above mentioned act came into force and mitigates the conditions of entering the Slovak labour market for highly qualified individuals, mainly students and researchers. From now on, they will not have to present confirmations on the possibility to fill vacancies in order to work in the Slovak Republic.

Instead of them, every employer will be obliged to contact the respective employment office within seven working days and inform it when such foreigner begins and ends their employment in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

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Higher meal allowance amounts on business trips

Effective from 1/6/2018

The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family is hereby increasing the meal allowance amounts for business trips as follows:

  • business trips lasting from 5 to 12 hours – from 4.50 € to 80 €, i.e. increased by 30 cents;
  • business trips lasting from 12 to 18 hours – from 6.70 € to 10 €, i.e. increased by 40 cents;
  • business trips lasting over 18 hours – from 10.30 € to 90 €, i.e. increased by 60 cents.

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Employers can postpone their payments

Effective from 1st May, act/amendment number: 650/2004

The amendment defines the minimum employment duration which is required for employers to contribute to the supplementary pension savings of their employees. The minimum period is one year. However, employers can still contribute from the very first day of employment or choose another period.

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