We are filling medical job positions too

The labour market is struggling with an acute labour shortage. Manufacturing plants do not have enough employees who would ensure continuous operation and our health care system is also fighting for people who save human lives – literally. However, at Balanced HR, we are able to find those who perceive their jobs as a mission. Thanks a new member of our team – recruitment consultant Miroslava Malecová, we have added the medical segment to our portfolio.

Specialists needed

This is how the key problem of the healthcare labour market should be defined these days. Because experience proves that even the most specific job vacancy can be filed with the right person. And this confirms that there are enough high-quality people in our country. So apart from filling technical and manager jobs, we have begun to focus on the health care sector as well. And we are working on it at full stretch, like we always do. An experienced consultant is helping us to please all clients who are looking for specialist for hospitals or clinics.

Doctors are overaged and job applicants are not interested in ,non-attractive’ specialisations. This is what makes the situation almost critical,” says consultant Miroslava Malecová and adds that it is not possible to tell anymore whether it is hospitals or medical practitioner surgeries (paediatricians, general practitioners etc.) that need more doctors. “Salaries and material-technological equipment of hospitals contribute to the outflow of specialist – doctors and medical staff abroad,” comments Mirka on the cause of the problem.

Health care is not only about expertise  

Every job vacancy that we fill is different and requires education, skills and experience. But as far as looking for doctors is concerned, it is much more difficult. “If you need a doctor, of any specialisation, you are searching for a person with not only professional and human approach but also personality traits such as selflessness, understanding and good communication skills. Communicating with patients can be very complicated and difficult. When doctors are saving human lives, they do not look at their watches to check if they are still “on duty”. They are doing their best to prevent a life risk as soon as possible,” says Mirka, who visited many hospital wards and surgeries while working at a teaching hospital and could see real “fieldwork” of the medical staff.

We speak their language

“I have seen many problems that needed to be solved immediately – lack of medicaments, material, people, hospital beds. This experience helps me understand particularities of various jobs (field), e.g. when looking for a  gynaecologist or immuno-allergologist, I know about the problems that they face every day and it is easier for me to communicate with them about the job experience.” As communication is important not only towards patients but also when speaking with doctors, we are very happy to speak their language at Balanced HR. This helps us when dealing not only with our applicants but also companies that need such specialists. In this way, we will be able to find a doctor who is well informed about the given job to avoid their disappointment or even quitting.

“I was working in the field of education and choosing specialisation/certification studies for the health care staff. This means I had to know the particularities of individual field, which helped me gain a lot of insight in the world of health care and excellent knowledge about top jobs on the labour market,” adds recruitment consultant Miroslava Malecová.

Health care is not only a challenge for us but also a great opportunity. We are very happy to help hospitals and clinics find the best of the best. If you think you are one of them, have a look at the job offer we are trying to fill at the moment: gynaecologist, immuno-allergologist, gastroenterologist and internal disease specialist.


 Written by: Jana Krčahová, Marketing Specialist BHR

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