Executive Search

Product Executive Search is oriented on targeted search and direct addressing of candidates especially for managing positions and scarce positions of specialists where high professional specialization and extensive experience is required.

Extra value of Executive Search solution is a comfortable coverage of candidates’ selection for key positions in your company and using such service gives addressed candidates’ sign of importance of the recruited job position in the structure of your company and also raises interest in good candidates for your company and a possibility for them to prove competent in your company as well.

Basic assumption for successful definition and management of project Executive Search is a very detailed identification and definition of client`s requirements on the candidate, comprehension of reasons for recruitment of the job position, comprehension of the company`s activities, its structure and culture.

The most effective tool for Executive Search projects is search and selection by direct search and active addressing. After detailed situation mapping in target market, appointment of suitable companies where there is a presupposition that candidates with adequate qualification work it comes to identification of suitable candidates and their subsequent discreet addressing.

For successful fulfillment of the task Executive Search we use together with tools of direct search and active addressing also effective set up of social networks, networking, specialized advertising and candidates database from previous Executive search assignments.

Candidates who based on a discreet addressing express interest in presented job position complete in-depth interview with experienced consultant.

Objectives of in-depth interview are mainly:

  • finding out candidate`s motivation to change job
  • candidate`s qualification check- up
  • personal and professional skills check-up
  • managing skills (managing, leading, motivation) check-up
  • check-up of the candidate`s ability to adapt to your company`s culture and environment

As a next step we provide feedback to candidates and in case of the most suitable candidates we prepare a report for the client that comprise all the relevant data and findings from in-depth interview which are inevitable for further decision making in selection process.
Process continues in arranging meetings with candidates and representatives of your company and recruitment itself by the winning candidate.

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