Personal Leasing

Advantages of personal leasing solution:

  • Possibility of flexible and fast reaction on changing need of employees (during seasonal jobs, during holiday time, during time limited big engagement, during transition period of job increase, during skills check-up of future employees, etc.)
  • Time saved when enrollment and selecting employees
  • Covering complete personal and payroll administrative for temporary assigned employees
  • Number of employees optimization
  • Payroll costs saving

Within the scope of providing personal leasing services we cover:

  • Enrollment of suitable candidates
  • Presentation of selected candidates to client
  • Personal administration linked with hiring, changing and discharging of employees
  • Administration of Job Agreements
  • Administration of Agreements about temporary assignment of an employee
  • Administration of Agreements about material responsibility
  • Administration of Appendices to Job Agreements
  • Administration of Agreements about employment terminations
  • Processing payroll credit forms
  • Payroll administrative (employees` payroll calculations, processing payroll deductions, payments and documents for Social insurance institution, health insurance institutions, pension insurance institutions and Tax Authority, transferring salaries to employees` bank accounts, print and distribution of pay slips, processing payroll confirmations upon employee`s request, processing annual income tax advance payments calculations)
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