Recruitment services of the company Balanced HR are one of the basic products used for searching and selection of right employees for various types of job position from assistants through specialists up to first-level and middle-level management.

Project of job position recruitment runs in following stages:

1. assignment definition

2. candidates search and addressing

3. selection

Assignment definition

For successful recruitment of any job position it is necessary to understand client`s assignment in detail. In this step a responsible consultant defines together with client`s representatives a profile of the job position taking into account all the technical and personal details of the recruited job position. It is also important to understand company`s activities in local and international structure, know its culture and structure in a way the consultant responsible for the project was able as far as possible answer questions of the candidates for the respective job position. This step requires involvement of the client`s representatives in scope of personal or telephone consultations and handing over documents for project launch.

Candidates search and addressing

At every search and selection assignment it is necessary to perform number of contacts sometimes even hundreds for recruiting one job position. At the end of the process is this number reduced to 3 to 6 candidates for recruited job position.
For every project there is a detailed plan of search and selection processed which is defined in a way so that it could by the most effective way localize and by the most adequate way address professionals you need.

At candidates search for every job position we use a combination of suitable means and resources that guarantee contact with competent and qualified candidates for your available job positions. Initial investment to number of primary contacts is from the view of successful project realization inevitable so that at the end of the process we were able to present you with the best candidates the labor market offer.


  • company database


  • candidate database


  • company pages
  • Balanced HR pages
  • social networks
  • job sites


  • active search techniques


  • seminars
  • fairs/exhibitions or trade shows
  • conferences
  • events
  • job fairs


  • contacts obtained from similar assignments in the past


  • mass communication
  • personal contacts
  • social network contacts


  • job sites
  • Balanced HR web page
  • social network
  • print


During previous steps we identify and contact number of candidates which we place into selection process defined in following scheme.

Comparing selection and CV update

  • comparing CVs and the update
  • downsizing the number of the candidates and passing to the process of phone screening


  • detailed check of the basic criteria, motivation of the candidates and basic personality requirements
  • relevant candidates are invited for personal interview


  • in-depth interview focused on detailed mapping of technical and personal abilities, motivation and the expectations of the candidate
  • eventually passed to for the testing or AC
  • introduction of 2 to 5 most relevant candidates to the customer

interview with customer

  • comparing CVs and the update
  • downsizing the number of the candidates and passing to the process of phone screening
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