We specialise in IT jobs too

Among other fields such as production, industry, services and health care, our team at Balanced HR has been focusing on IT as well. For several years. We have been helping our clients to find specialists with trade licences or limited liability companies because this is the form they prefer. Let´s discuss these jobs and habits of IT experts more.

Constructiveness is most appreciated

Veronika Trstianska, our project manager is well experienced in this area. She says that the IT segment is attractive mainly due to the diversity of work situations and job offers. It is the people that distinguish IT jobs from other fields. “Instead of long philosophical debates that I had known in the sphere of the humanities, I had to get used to more constructive, short and accurate conversations. On the other hand, it is very effective and useful for both sides in the end,” comments Veronika. It took her a few weeks to find her way to IT. At first, she was experiencing a true culture shock. But now, the field of information technologies and filling specialised IT posts with appropriate applicants are her domains.

A job interview is only the beginning

“My IT career began actually by chance as I moved from the state to the private sector within a few hours. At the beginning of 2015, I started working at a small IT company that focused on outsourcing,” describes Veronika and adds that individual approach to every applicant and client is very important. “Applicants are more than just CVs for me. They are personalities that I need to learn in order to present them well to our clients. I also want to know how they are doing once they get accustomed to their new companies. The process does not end with their job interviews. On the contrary. This is only the beginning. The same applies to clients – you need to understand them, the environment they work in and also the reasons why they need to extend their teams,” explains Veronika Trstianska from Balanced HR.

Permanent placement versus trade licence or Ltd.

For some programmers, permanent employment is not the best option and they look for another form of cooperation. And this is what we want and can help them with. We give them the freedom of choice between a trade licence and a limited liability company. Besides independent IT specialists, our agency works with teams of programmers who can cover all project phases – analysing, developing, testing, servicing, supporting. So far, we have been focusing mainly on the permanent placement, which still applies, of course. Our colleague Andrej Bagin has been successfully helping various companies to find appropriate applicants for many years.

Programmers do not wait for job offers

“It is not so easy to find an appropriate applicant. On the contrary. Programmers have their jobs, they don´t sit at home waiting for offers. This means discovering them is less difficult than persuading them to change their work,” comments Veronika on her experience. She says some programmers can get attracted by higher rates, for others, money is not as important as the project itself. “If they have everything, you can offer them diamonds and you have still a very small chance of persuading them. However, programmers with over 20 years of experience are often happy to return back to the development area and prefer interesting projects to payment,” she adds. Filling IT posts is always about two sides and it is often the clients who make it more complicated. “Many clients are too demanding or have too specific requirements that only a few people in Slovakia can meet. In such case, the clients must decide whether they change their expectations and accept what the market offers,” says our project manager.

Java programmers and Share Pointists wanted

Besides specific skills, it is often important for candidates to be able to adapt to their teams. That is why Balanced HR focuses on personal abilities of applicants and always considers whether they would fill into the team or not. As for technical skills, it is mainly Java programmers and Share Pointists that are most preferred. Besides this, we have many clients who need .NET skills. Jobs such as IT consultants and analysts are very interesting too and IT security is the top hit ?. “I think everybody who has ever applied for such a job knows how much work and learning, how many certificates and job interviews are behind all this. I am also sure that safety in the IT field is and will be a hot issue for long,” concludes Veronika.

The IT sector in Slovakia can be proud of many high-quality programmers as well as companies that guarantee a supportive work environment. And our team at Balanced HR offers individual approach to each and every applicant and client. We are able to find high-quality candidates for our customers based on their specific requirements… by satisfying both sides.

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