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Mission Possible – A practical guide for managers in a challenging environment


Dušan Straňák




9:00 -16:30







In a complex and challenging reality, managers need new insights, tools and
skills. The new workspace is bombarded by endless events, changes and
information. A manager can find themselves busy all day long in the
turbulence of events and yet produce very little value for the organization.
„Being effective in a disruptive reality“ derives its content from contemporary
research and from sources of neuroscience. The program equips managers
with a set of practical, easy to implement tools for effective management in the
new disruptive workspace.
The aims of the program
• To equip managers with insights, tools and skills to become more
effective in a disruptive workspace
• To help managers save 2-3 hours a day an make them more productive
• To significantly improve organizational performance and the usage of
One full training day and two individual coaching sessions for each participant
as an implementation process


Part one
being effective in a disruptive reality
• V.U.C.A world – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
• Disruptive reality in organizations – Life has not prepared us for this
• „My disruptive reality“
• Time to take control
• What is effectiveness? What is my effectiveness?
• The six principles of effective management in a disruptive space
• Principle one – Focus on strategic drivers or get dispersed
• What is focus? and what is dispersion?
• Steve Jobs on focus
• The secret to top focus – Critical goals every month, every quarter
Part two
Focus in a „disruptive reality“
• Management by critical goals
• Critical goals – Best practice
• My critical goals – Commitment
• Second Principle – Plan your activities. Don’t be just Bussssssssy
• My mix of activities
• The „Pie chart“ of my activities
• „MBN – Management by Neglection™“
• Best practice –  activities
• My  activities – My weekly commitment
Part Three
Be the driver, not the passenger
• Third Principle – Drive your day, or your day will drive you
• Your day – How does it look like?
• The legacy of Jim Rohn
• The „Driver“ attitude and the „Passenger“ attitude
• Drive your day – Best practice
• Activities – Time specific and non – time specific
• The problem of „Context switching“
• „Daily corners“ – combining similar activities
• „Windows“ in time
• Changing priorities
• How to work with three levels of priorities in „Down load“
• Bias in priorities setting
• My best day – Commitment
Part Four
Maximizing resources
• Fourth principle – Utilize your personal resources
• Your resources
• Your daily cycle
• Create your own patterns, don’t imitate others‘
• Working in your prime time
• New daily order – Commitment
• Fifth principle – filter out or become irrelevant
• Disruptions, surprises and the unplanned
• What happens to your planned activity?
• Being available and being over available
• The legacy of Jack Welsh
• Physical filters and mental filters
• Mental filters – Your ability to choose
• When to use which filter?
• The secret – Relegate, Delegate or Ignore
• Setting rules with your interfaces
• „My filtered reality“
Part Five
Leverage your team
• Sixth Principle – Delegate effectively or do it all by yourself
• „Beware of the busy manager“ HBR
• Loads and overloads
• Why are you so busy?
• Optimal distribution of loads
• „Who is responsible for the next step?“
• „Monkey management“ in organizations
• Four laws of „Monkey management“
• The implementation of the four laws
• Do not become „the kindergarten teacher“
• Managing „High risk“ and „law risk“ activities
• Best Practice – Creating a team commitment for high priority activities
• „Monkey management“ – the commitment
• Conclusion – Now to begin to take control
• Personal implementation plan

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