There are many appealing places to work. But usually numerous requirements must be met to work in such a place. You know: passing countless exams at the top universities, spending years in top-ranked companies, and even after all that dedication and hard work, some doors will always remain shut. By joining our great team, ’you’ll get unique insights into the workings of the world. With us, you can go anywhere…

Balanced HR offers everything you’d expect from a positive young company, including competitive package, modern management style, supportive work environment, friendly atmosphere, and strong entrepreneurial spirit. You will also have every opportunity to develop your contacts with decision makers across a range of business sectors at the local, regional and international level. This will give you a comprehensive overview of the business world – seeing the theoretical being put into practical application… an experience that is fluid, dynamic and life-long – unlimited by time or location.

Note: Only applicants thirsty for business experience, with an insatiable curiosity of how the world functions need apply!

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